Hi Erin!

We had a GREAT first day and night with Unum and Alaska!  They are just fantastic!  They played with all the toys you guys gave them!  My brother came to dinner with his wife and my dad last night and they brought a crate.  The pups slept VERY well in it!  In the morning, I took them outside at about 7:30am.  After doing their business, I took them into Jaxie’s bedroom and they slept in her bed for two hours.  Then, we took them outside again and brought them into the boy’s bedroom.  They slept on Jason’s bed another hour.  They have been sled-riding with me four times on our hill in the last 24 hours.  They actually love going down the hill on our sled!  They are now waiting for 6 eighth grade girls to come home from girl scouts to “see the puppies.”  These dogs will be getting a TON on attention!  We are so grateful for allowing us to have two.  A funny thing you probably already knew… I noticed this morning that Unum and Alaska have the EXACT distribution of white on their paws.  In fact, they have the same amount on each of the SAME paws (right, left, front, and back).  It is as if they are photo negatives of one another!