The Labradoodle really became known in 1988, when Australian breeder Wally Conron, of Guide Dogs Victoria, crossed the Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle.

Are you ready?

If you are considering adding a puppy to your family, there are some things that you will need to acquire in order to be prepared.

Our Guarantee

DoodleMatch guarantees that all of our puppies are in good health when sold.

Why choose a Labradoodle

1.Labradoodles have a great success rate as being allergy and asthma friendly companions, with little to no shedding.
2.Labradoodles are incredibly smart and equally as endearing making them very easy to train.
3.Labradoodles love to run and play just as much as they love to snuggle.

About our club

Erin_and_Mike_aboutMy husband and I (Erin) are the proud parents of three wonderful children. As a stay at home mother, I have had the opportunity to be completely hands on in their journey through life thus far. In 2012, we bought a house in the country and immediately became a guardian home to two mini Australian Labradoodles. My parents of aussielabradoodle.com bought their first Australian Labradoodle in 2000 and we have spent several years raising puppies for them. We loved it! It was a great way to engage our children in wholesome activity with a little bit of responsibility on the side. We decided we’d love nothing more than to have puppies all of the time. Following in the family paw prints, we began the Doodlematch journey!

We are located just east of Columbus, Ohio. Our dogs are all members of their own guardian families and are always close to our home base here. Each momma and poppa doggies are family pets first, and that is important. When it is time to deliver babies, we bring them home with us where they stay for the duration of whelping until weaning. The action all takes place right in our living room where the dog and the puppies are sure to receive a ton of affection during the entire process. The children make it their job to love, snuggle, and play with each puppy equally,  and at any given time you can find them snuggled in bed with a puppy, or two. This is an extremely important step in making sure that our puppies are well socialized and prepared to enter into your home.

We love to encourage families to come out and visit their expected puppies as soon the babies are vaccinated. It is so great to establish that bond at such an early age, and I want to spend time helping prepare you with information on potty training, sleeping arrangements, and proper nutrition. I want everyone to be equipped and ready to make the transition from our home to yours a smooth and easy process.