We are thrilled to work with our new trainer, Gayle Mulvey,  who has an impressive resume, tons of training experience, and a huge heart!   Gayle is offering training for our puppies starting at ten weeks of age, which  includes crate training, housebreaking, basic obedience (sit, down, come, stay,  leash manners), and plenty of socialization.  Contact Gayle at 740-334-8906 to learn more about her program.

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Gayle offers tips for new owners, and can make your  transition into pet ownership a smooth and enjoyable one.

While I love raising your tiny doodle babies, training is  not my strong area, unless you consider teaching your doodle to sit on your  sofa, jump on you and kiss you on the lips!  I’m so pleased to join with Gayle  to make puppy ownership easier and more relaxed for folks with no puppy-raising  experience.



Pawsitively Positive


Puppy Life Introductions

     Introductions of the human/puppy bond and connection

Sustained eye contact

Puppy will understand his/her name is significant to him

Puppy will meet people of different ethnicities and children of various ages

Comfort in the crate

Puppy will sleep comfortably in his crate

Puppy will learn that his crate is his comfort zone and “happy place”

Introduction to potty training

Puppy will be introduced to outdoor toileting

Lots of rewards for good choices

Introduction of basic commands

Puppy will learn to sit using both verbal and hand signals

Puppy will be introduced to the leash and walking on a loose leash

Puppy will wait at doorways and learn deference in close quarters

Puppy will learn to down, sit-stay, settle and come when called

Introduction to Grooming

Puppy will be familiar with a grooming table, bathing, nail grinding

All interaction will be with positive reinforcement; a gentle, calm training  method that promotes the well-being and spirit of the puppy for ultimate  bonding, confidence and personality.

This is a most delightful breed, eager to learn and trust. They are sensitive  and would wilt with a rough hand. They are eager to greet the world!

Gayle Mulvey–  “I first started training dogs at the age of 14, got my first CD (companion dog)  title at 16, as young as the AKC allowed at the time. I went on to get open and  utility titles with my Sheltie and took her with me to college.  Over the  years I have competed and/or participated in AKC obedience, Schutzhund, field  trials, agility, Rally-O and freestyle. I worked at PetSmart for the past ten  and half years as the Area Trainer (training trainers), and taught approximately  16 classes a week.  A passion for training and watching people really enjoy  their dogs is my priority. I use positive reinforcement and create an upbeat and  fun atmosphere in my classes.  I have trained well over 100 dog-and-parent  “teams” to become Canine Good Citizens and Therapy Dogs, and relish having my  former students bring joy to others.”Gayle

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