Are you ready?

If you are considering adding a puppy to your family, there are some things that you will need to acquire in order to be prepared. I would recommend that you begin by reading as much information as you can about proper potty training techniques. There are some great books out there and I will be happy to spend time with you and give you advice on what has worked for us. You will also need to find the vet that you will be using so that you can get your puppy in for and introduction checkup within the first few days.

Here is a checklist of some other items that you will want to have ready.

  • a small crate (if you are crate training, which I highly recommend)
  • a leash (a collar will be provided)
  • food and water dishes (I recommend stainless steel as it is more sanitary than plastic)
  • training treats (we use Blue Buffalo Blue Bites Training Treats)
  • puppy food (I suggest that you choose a food with primary ingredients of chicken, rice, and eggs. We use 4 Health Small Bites)
  • chew toys (tennis balls, stuffed toys, squeakers, cow hooves, anything with a tough rope are all good choices to encourage good chewing)


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